The Arrow

    1937 ARROW

    Present during the birth of one of the most potent racing regimes to exist, this motorized icon’s legacy lives on, even today. Over the course of 3 decades, these cars captured the imagination of racing enthusiasts around the world. The name, exuding speed, and class has even carried it’s 80-plus year history into today’s ultra-successful Formula 1 team.

    With the unique ‘torpedo’ shape, single-seat configuration, and streamlined silhouette, anybody who has ever dreamed of becoming a racing driver will shiver at the prospect of holding a Bigblock Custom like this in their hands. These legendary vehicles of yesteryear are a must-have for any high-octane enthusiast, built for straight-line speed and near-perfect cornering.

    Every petrol-head father dreams of watching his son or daughter behind the wheel of a racecar, charging to the pinnacle of racing prowess. Designed for the consummate competitor, share the thrills of high-speed perfection with the kids and with the Arrow.



    Dimensions: 4.48 X 2 X 1.42in
    Weight: 2.29 oz
    Axles: 1.88in
    Wheel Base: 2.83in
    Travel: 0in
    Wheels: Slick

    The Arrow Comes with a sticker kit