The Beany


    No journey is complete without this trusty green super-compact ride. This little car served as a ‘chariot of disaster’ forever tormenting on the screen British public. Though massively popular, the Beany is a centerpiece of contemporary British motoring. Compact, trustworthy, and charismatic, this Bigblock Custom favorite is the perfect supplement to any collection. Doubling as the ideal toy car and a collectible, the Beany will bear the brunt of intense play-time antics. Expect peals of endless laughter as the family falls in love with this iconic little number.



    Dimensions: 2.89 X 2.95 X 1.66in
    Weight: 3.22oz
    Axles: 2.51in
    Wheel Base: 1.49in
    Travel: 0.13in
    Wheels: Classic

    The Beany Comes with a sticker kit