The Beco

    1988 MP4-4 Racer

    As Formula One celebrates 70 years of high-octane entertainment, back in 1988, a British team was about to win the first of 4 consecutive World titles. Powered by what many have labeled as one of the most successful Formula One car designs of all time, F1 driving legends dominated in the beautiful Beco Grand prix winner. This Bigblock Custom racer will take its owner back to a time of gasoline-propelled pure adrenaline in the must-have Beco!



    Dimensions: 5.58 X 3.30 X 1.37in
    Weight: 5.20oz
    Axles: 3.22in
    Wheel Base: 3.26in
    Travel: 0in
    Wheels: Slick

    The Beco Comes with a sticker kit