The Duke


    The bastion of American mechanized muscle, this 1969 Bigblock Custom typifies everything cool when it comes to cars. With reference to many classic TV series’, the Duke is sure to ignite the imagination. The object of many a child’s desire, this icon of American culture ramps up the heat in the ‘wish-I-had-one’ department.

    With a wide, swept hood and angry lines, this legend of American muscle roars to life, often topping the pile of “all-time-favorites”. No collection is complete without one, so prepare for simulated stunts, flips, and carpeted power slides. The custom chassis and suspension – built to hold up under the strain of endless antics – only adds to the authenticity of this all-American hero.

    Dads will think back to the classic anthem hooter, moments before taking off in a cloud of dust and power-charged adrenaline. The kids will no doubt add this to their 1st car wish-list. Enjoy the Duke for hours of flat-out fun.



    Dimensions: 5.06 X 3.30 X 1.50in
    Weight: 6.16oz
    Axles: 3.26in
    Wheel Base: 2.75in
    Travel: 0.09in
    Wheels: Classic

    The Duke Comes with a sticker kit