The Wagon


    The Wagon embodies family time. Sturdy and spacious, it was built to cruise. In most cases, the ultra-reliable car was conferred to the eldest teen in the family, dutifully fulfilling that ‘first-car’ role for many an excited 16-year-old. While the heyday of this trusty companion may long have passed, everybody needs a Wagon.

    Entrench that special bond while daydreaming of the ultimate family road trip. Fathers will find themselves recounting storied adventures of their youth to the children, with the Wagon faithfully serving as the perfect play-time prop.



    Dimensions: 5.45 X 3.18 X 1.75in
    Weight: 8.47oz
    Axles: 3.07in
    Wheel Base: 2.83in
    Travel: 0.22in
    Wheels: Classic

    The Wagon Comes with a sticker kit