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Real Materials For Real Play.
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From our garage to yours.

Our vision at Bigblock Customs is to create the tools and toys that enable you and your child to create your own world through extreme play, fun and shared experiences.

Bigblock Customs was born from a passion to evoke an emotional connection between a father and his child. Our toy cars are, therefore, much more than toys, they are dynamic tools for bonding and shared memories.

Our purpose stems from a lack of dad-and-child time in this fast-paced, ever-rushing digital age, and a desire to bring back the shared experiences of ‘boys (and girls) and their toys’.

We want to help fathers to press pause on the rat race, and to invest in what really matters for their child, in the only unaccountable currency – time.


Time to teach, time to bond, time to play. Time to dream.

My father didn’t tell me how to live.

He lived, and let me watch him do it

Harking back to an era of wheeled icons, Bigblock Customs puts the prestige back into toy cars. Awaken the boyhood dreams within, with each model popularized through our television screens for decades, and step back into the days of old, merging prestigious collectibles with the boundless joys of youth. Transcend the age gap, share the magic of these timeless icons with the kids, and play the dream!

Awesome Toy Cars Made Real

Our hard-core engineers design custom, iconic toy cars from scratch.

At Bigblock Customs, vintage collides with modern day play. Our passion combined with our petrol-head attitude is clearly evident in the attention to detail on every toy, made with solid American beech wood and a sleek stainless-steel modern touch. Our one-of-a-kind suspension and chassis system puts us a step above the rest.

Steel and wood – real materials for real play. Like you, it will dent, it will ding, it will lose paint, but it all builds character. Every toy, like every man and every child, has a character all of their own.

The promise we make is to provide handmade quality that resembles iconic cars with their own unique name so that no toy is quite the same. Big Blocks cars are made to become prestige collectables, with a lifetime warranty on memories made.

Design Registration # F2015/01815, Patent Pending # 2019/07564
All rights reserved including associated Trademarks, Aesthetic Design Registrations and Patents Pending.
This product is manufactured from various materials, including: Stainless Steel, Spring Steel, ABS, TPE, Water-Based paint, PVAc Glue and Wood.
All rights reserved to amend the original specification.